Our Inspiration


Our love for the olive began after a family holiday to the beautiful North Peloponnes in 2008. Despite a raging heatwave, we were immediately inspired by the land, the people and of course the quality of the natural products that define this ancient region. It is here that our love for the olive tree began. 

Olive trees can be seen as living expressions of the places they inhabit. In the Provence they are pampered, in Tuscany they are tailored, but on the Peloponnes they emanate like ancient mythological creatures, rugged and strong, like the land that nourishes them. 

We began with the simple goal of making our own olive oil – for family and friends. But what began as a hobby, quickly evolved into a project of passion and purpose. The passion stems from our magnificent olive trees and the land and traditions that nurture them. They grow in a micro-climate and soil that has been generous to both tree and farmer since ancient times. Our purpose on the other hand, stems as a personal response to a food and agrochemical industry that is culpable for the increasing rates of chronic disease and ecological collapse the world over. Given that the Peloponnes is not only a region of unspoiled natural beauty, but historically also a place of successful rebellion – it provides the perfect setting to passionately pursue the creation of the purest, premium quality, organic extra virgin olive oil. Today, we live these many inspirations in a manner that respects both nature and the health of our family and friends who consume our OLIFEbio organic olive oil.