The Harvest

The OLIFE Early Harvest

In spring, the branches are carefully pruned to allow maximum penetration of sunlight. By late October/early November – when many fruits are still green and unripe – they are ready for harvesting. This timing ensures a harmonious olive oil with perfect organoleptic properties and rich in natural antioxidants and polyphenols. We personally harvest the olives by hand with the help of our family and Greek friends. The pressing takes place the very same day at an organically certified olive mill using cold extraction. What emerges is a beautiful and pure olive juice –, premium organic Extra Virgin Olive oil.
Hand harvested
Together with our family and friends, we spend many wonderful days harvesting the olives from their centenarian mothers.
Same day milling
Once the harvesting is finished for the day, we bring the olives to the local olive mill for same day processing. This ISO and TÜV certified olive mill ensures the highest quality standards for our oil.
The Golden Green
After removal of the leaves and washing of the olives, they are milled under perfect conditions of cold extraction. What emerges about 90 minutes later is a beautiful golden green extra virgin olive oil.
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